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Making the Grade: AISD Changes Member Kit

Austin ISD is facing some big changes. Here’s what you need to know.

Access to quality schools is one of the top things families look for in a home. As a REALTOR®, it’s important that you’re up to date on the Austin Independent School District (AISD)’s proposed school changes and how they will impact neighborhoods throughout the city.

We’ve created an AISD Changes Member Kit to keep you in the know and help you answer questions from clients.


Separating Fact From Fiction: AISD School Changes

Facing major budget shortfalls, declining enrollment, aging infrastructure, and annual pressures from recapture payments to the State of Texas, the AISD has spent most of 2019 developing a plan for school changes intended to improve the district’s financial situation while also providing cutting edge programming and modernized learning environments for all AISD students. AISD has described the effort to reprogram and realign our schools as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to embrace equity across the district.


Top 5 Things You Need to Know

What AISD released is NOT A FINAL PLAN.

You can think of it as a menu of options. AISD Staff put together a list of choices, and now it will be up to the AISD Board of Trustees to pick and choose from the options to see what they want to advance forward. The trustees are expected to make their final decisions in November.

AISD is losing money and kids.

Because of Austin’s affordability crisis, many families are moving out of the city and into surrounding school districts, which means enrollment is down and budget dollars are short. AISD is currently operating on reserves. This is why the District was forced to put together their proposed changes.

Thousands of parents, teachers, kids, and more have been involved in the process so far.

Starting in early 2019, AISD hosted Community Workshops, an Online Thought Exchange, Community Visioning Sessions, and Think Tank Meetings. Going forward over the next two months, there will be many more opportunities for residents to weigh in on the options.


This is about equity.

AISD has long faced economic and racial segregation in Austin, and this process represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to work through that history and expand programming district-wide. By consolidating schools, the district can repurpose those dollars into meaningful educational, cultural, and family-focused curriculum and opportunities.

You can get involved!

ABoR will be hosting a member-wide Pizza and Policy panel at ABoR HQ on September 25. Superintendent Dr. Paul Cruz and Board of Trustees Vice President Cindy Anderson will discuss the process and you’ll get to ask them questions and engage them in conversation. You can also join our Education Policy Team! We meet quarterly to dive deep into issues facing education in our community – the biggest of which is this one.

Download our Member Kit & Take Action!

Our Making the Grade: AISD Changes Member Kit has all the information you need to know about AISD’s proposed school changes, including recommended consolidations and closures, helpful talking points, and details on how you can get involved in this important issue.

Learn more from AISD Superintendent Paul Cruz and Board of Trustees Vice President Cindy Anderson at our latest Pizza and Policy Series on September 25. Secure your seat at

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